X at Pershing Square Los Angeles



Aug 12 The State Theatre Falls Church, VA
Aug 13 Irving Plaza New York City, NY
Aug 14 Underground Arts Philadelphia, PA
Aug 15 Brighton Music Hall Allston, MA
Aug 18 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, WI
Aug 19 Metro Chicago, IL
Aug 20 El Club Detroit, MI
Aug 21 El Club Detroit, MI
Aug 27 Ohana Music & Art Fest Dana Point, CA
Aug 28 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA
Aug 29 McNears Mystic Theatre Petaluma, CA

Fri 4-01 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall

Fri 5-06 Santa Ana, CA – Observatory OC

Sat 5-07 Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia

Sun 5-08 San Diego, CA – Observatory North Park


X-Mas 2015 with X!

Fri/11-27 San Diego, CA – Casbah

Sat/11-28 San Diego, CA – Casbah

Thu/12-03 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy

Fri/12-04 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy

Sat/12-05 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy

Sun/12-06 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy

Fri/12-11 San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House

Tue/12-15 San Francisco, CA – The Independent

Wed/12-16 San Francisco, CA – The Independent

Fri/12-18 Seattle, WA – Showbox

Sat/12-19 Portland, OR – The Star Theatre

Sun/12-20 Portland, OR – The Star Theatre

Thu/12-31 Agoura Hills, CA – The Canyon Club

303 thoughts on “shows

  1. Hello, I see X is finally touring the pacific north west, as far as Seattle in December. Can you please, please come north of the 49th parallel, into the wastelands of Canada and do a show at the commodore in Vancouver, BC, please? Old tyme diehard fan stuck in yesteryear Bh

    • Hi X, Do you have any plans on playing Vegas in the near future? My wife has been making me go to Country concerts. Help me, I love you, Please come.

  2. Why don’t you Play somewhere legit next time yr. in New York. Saw you at the Roxy ten years ago you were amazing. Didn’t make it to the wine room. What about Bowery Ball Room or somewhere in Brooklyn like Warsaw, or even Irving Plaza? Thinking about you guys a lot since I noticed your music in X-files S02E07 this morning. I know that Mr. Zoom will pull through and all my friends are anticipating his return. Can’t wait to see you play again, seriously.

      • Saw you last time at Irving Plaza several years ago with Horton Heat and Not In The Face. Right in front on the rail – got some great pix of Bill Zoom taking pictures of me taking pictures of him! I think my ears are still ringing. I can’t wait to see you again. It will probably be somewhere around the 30th time I’ve seen you since about 1982. I lived in Denver, LA and NYC and have seen you multiple times in each city. Welcome back and you’re right… all of New York is a tow-away zone.

  3. X please come play Riverside! You could play at our Fox Theater where gone with the wind premiered, or at the Municipal Auditorium where Morrissey and the Misfits have played! There are a lot of punks in the Inland Empire who would love to see you.

    • Play Sacramento, we may be the capital but never get any respect….. We promise to button our suspenders on both sides if you would play yer dang muzak here!

      • Agree, as a teenager in Sac in the late ’70’s-early ’80’s, hearing X on KROQ while staying with my dad in L.A. Saved me from the dreaded album rock that smothered Sac at the time.

  4. I missed your last show at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo b/c I got sick. I was devastated. I had to give my tickets away. I am soooooo hoping that you will come back to SLO soon. And when you do, I HOPE I get tickets before it sells out…barely made it last time. Having to miss your show was a MAJOR bummer. Please please come back to SLO soon so I can get my X fix!!!!! Please!

    • When I was a little girl I wanted to see the Ice Capades so bad. I got the measles and the neighbor girl got to go instead. Life’s like that. You are in California however where this band still plays. Live on.

    • Hey Gary…I am from Philly too but I live in Miami now. They were in Philly in late August this year…the 28th I think…I tried to get home for that but couldn’t swing it…did you just miss them? I was listening to Wild Gift at full volume in the car last night. Nothing beats X baby! I am hoping they come to Miami!

  5. Congrats on a remarkable set of gigs at City Winery. The band and the vocals sounded AMAZING. I was up on my feet from the first song to the last. Thanks for the great music. LONG LIVE XXXXXX!!!!!!

  6. Hurry! Let me in on what your doing this summer. Could it be a slip & slide party? a Water Wiggle splash off? a Donald Duck Sprinkler give away ?

  7. If you swing east, please try and come to the Raleigh area. I saw you in the mid 80’s at the Cameron Village Underground. One of the best shows I have ever seen. By anyone!! Lots of fans here and you would be warmly welcomed!!

  8. Please play riotfest Chicago again this year. I was not able to see you last year in Detroit, had a baby on the way. Already have my tix and you guys would rock it.

  9. Any chance you guys might be playing NYC in 2014? I want to take my son (16) to his first r&r show, and I want him to see the very best! Would love him to have had the experience of seeing you guys…

  10. Just heard X for the first time in a long time, on my Pandora “Buzzcocks” station. Please play Detroit! Anywhere between Toledo OH and Flint MI would be fine with me.

  11. I am hoping that you folks are coming back to Minneapolis. One of my first shows was X at the Walker in 1983. Billy Zoom inspired me to play guitar. He told me at the Cabooze here a few years ago “don’t blame me.” Anyway, my point is, I have seen some aweful bands open for you. Especially when John and Exene play some knitters songs. My brothers and I are quite seasoned bluegrass and Irish players and would be honored to open for you. I understand you probably get requests like this quite often. So just to plant an earworm in your head. Think ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown.’

  12. Acoustic X in Oregon ! Very cool. I hope you play acoustic elsewhere like here in SoCal. Some of us are getting a little too old to stand for hours and hit the mosh pit!

  13. will you be playing the 2014 pacific amphitheater summer concert series? please, please, I hope. I want to introduce my daughter and her boyfriend to some real music!

  14. Is the Whiskey show sold out already? The link above leads to a Tcketweb page that says there are no tickets available through Ticketweb.


  16. X x2 in one year; first at Napa’s Bottle Rock and the other night at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    Another epic show by SoCal’s finest! And a real treat seeing The Blasters who were as fabulous as X. A mini review and a couple of comments:

    1) Sound mix on X’s set — would have liked to hear your vocals more! Loved hearing you guys rip out “Motel Room In My Bed”, “Year One”, “Sugarlight”; you play with an energy and verve that some 20 year olds would kill for.
    2) Slam dancing which started somewhere around “We’re Desperate”; c’mon people. Most of us are 40+ (many 50+). Slamming was great when we were in late teens and early 20’s but in our 40’s and 50’s? I saw a lot of people backing way the hell up when this started. Go for the enjoyment of the show and music, not to pretend you’re still 21 with fully functioning knees/back/fill in the blank.
    3) Keith Wyatt’s solo on the last tune they did? Holy s***balls. I’m still speechless. It was cool seeing you offstage, Exene, digging their set as much as we were.

  17. I have tickets for X at the Roseland and am very happy, since ’83!! FULL BLAST STILL IN THE CAMARO! … I would like to bring a present on the 19th I can’t wait!

  18. Every time u guys r playing I want to see you! N every time something happens were I cnt:( I’m such a huge fan and I fuckn want to see you guys so bad!! so I hope I get to go n jan! I named my daughter after the greatest woman of Punk Rock! Exene Cervenka.

  19. Are you ever going to play the Cabooze again in Minneapolis? I can speak for the whole twin cities and say that we miss you Mucho! You played so many years in a row that maybe we took you for granted – untrue! Please don’t forget your true blue Midwest fans.

  20. Seeing the show in the OC but I’ll happen to be in the Ventura area on Dec 5th and want to go to the show, but every time I try to buy tickets, none of the links work. Anyone else have problems with getting tickets for the Ventura venue?
    Other thoughts on the show – it should be amazing – I wish Sean & Zander were opening for them though…

  21. Oh why oh why are the Blasters not joining the show on New Years Eve in Dallas??! This is the closes they will come to me and I so desperately want to see them together!!

  22. your SF set with Blondie was absolutely PURE MAGIC. the usher allowed me to sit in the front row, center for X even though my ticket was off to the side. i was able to stay front and center for your whole set. this guy pulled me into a seat in the third row when the ushers started trying to “seat” people. u guys just brought rocking tune after another and completely blew me away how great a set u packed into that opening set!!! it’s almost like it doesn’t matter if i go to Fillmore or not, i’ve definitely had a nice X fix already this year. but i’ll be there and in Petaluma if i can swing it. i think ur insane to go to Fresno in between those 2 shows, but hell, maybe i oughta try to get to Fresno too. that would be an absolute trip. Anyway, thank you for touring!!! i love you guys.❤

  23. I cant even go home (portland) to see X because I graduate from college on 12/20! please post more dates in 2014, when I am free and broke and educated.

  24. I just arrived home from the Boston show

    I am still wired

    The show was great (wonderful, awe inspiring)

    Thanks for coming to Boston, while I have been to a number of shows in the past (30 years) this one really hit home. The band owned that audience; as it should be. I really hope they enjoyed playing because I really enjoyed being there.

  25. Just got my tickets for the Tucson, AZ “A Family X-Mas” with the Blasters. Saw them together in 83 and it was great. Since then saw X three different times, Joe Doe once, and The Knitters once. I cant tell you how excited I am. The Knitters concert was great because they all stayed around and talked with everyone, and I got there play list signed by the whole band!!! Know I need to go to this concert and see if they will sign my 1983 X and Blasters ticket stub. Counting the days till 30 November!!!

  26. I first saw you guys in 1985? at Irvine Meadows with Jane’s Addiction and Social Distortion. You rocked back then like no other band could. I just saw you in Redmond, WA and you guys were better than ever!! The best show I ever saw was Oingo Boingo and X together in circa 1988 at Raincross Center, San Bernardino, Ca. Keep up the excellent work. Exene, you are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see you play again.

  27. Great show in Atlantic City. You guys still “bring it”! Punk evidently lives…You showed all those Miss America contestants a thing or two (no joke)! I loved seeing those plastic crowns bobbing up and down.

  28. I was fortunate enough to see Exene & John play at separate shows in NYC, some time around 1991, I think. Exene played at CBGB’s & I don’t recall where I saw John play, but both shows were such an absolute thrill. I fell in love with X in the mid-1980s & you all have remained my very favorite band ever. Thank you so much for so many years of amazing music! I know coming down to Miami is a big hassle, but if you could add a date here, one of these days, I’d be eternally grateful.


  29. Dear X:
    You guys have been rocking my musical soul for so long now. Thank You! It would be a pleasure to hear you LIVE once again. Please book a date in St Louis, my new hometown. Will make sure all my peeps are there to support you. Venues that are very cool include the Old Rockhouse, Pops, or Atomic Cowboy. Drinks on ME!! Luvu. BC

  30. Yes very disappointed no X n Blondie LA gigs….Saratoga is a 6 hour drive. Any possibility of a later date for So. CA?

  31. Please oh please come back to Boston or consider Providence RI. You guys put on such a memorable show last December at the Paradise. XOXO

  32. Another night of party madness at the 930 Club in September!!! Who cares if it’s a damn Monday night…The kidney has been sold, the tickets are bought and the fuse is lit….Blondie and Exene on the same stage…dare I dream…on the same mike!!??…oh my aching starz!!! Where’s Steve-O????

  33. Yessss, on St. Louis! Good venues include Rock House, Pops (last show was there), and the Pageant. Please book any venue in town, and the fans of STL will sell it out!!

  34. I knew picturesque Lower Alabama was a stretch, but now my So Cal state of mind has re-located to the Hub Of the South, Atlanta. Seen you guys numerous times. Whiskey, Palladium, Greek, and my favorite venue, the quad area, right outside P.E. building at Cal State Long Beach. I believe the Plimsouls were the opening act. I’ve always had the dream of opening my own bar and calling it Shane’s Main Vein.

    Thanks for all the great memories.

    You guys stay around now.

  35. X has and will remain one of my favorite bands of all time. The band always puts on a live show and so gracious to their fans. I would love to you again in Atlanta, GA. Maybe you play at the Variety Playhouse or the Masquerade?

    • lived up the hill from the coach house for 45 years–have seen you there, doheny days, whiskey, santa monica civic, galaxy,
      hard rock anaheim, phoenix (forget the club), solano beach,
      & many more i’m probably forgetting cuz i’m old. now i’m in
      allentown pa–have seen you in philly at tla (GREAT show w/
      rev heat & not in the face!), that club on 2nd st, the other one by
      30th st station, stone pony in nj & almost forgot, small club in
      burlington, vt some years back. anyway, miss you, please come this way soon.

    • oops–i did this wrong. meant the comments for X. my 1st time.
      somebody tell me how to do this please……….help

  36. Sometime in the early 80’s I read a review of X that called the band “The Peter, Paul and Mary of Punk.” And the music has been with me ever since. Thank you for thirty years of inspiration.

  37. U have been a life-long inspiration, and I still get goosebumps when “Come Back To Me” is on. Please come to St Louis or Columbia MO. Can help fill the venue of your choosing. Luv u Guys!

  38. Saw you guys play in Pittsburgh, PA in 2008. One of the best nights of my life.After all of these years, you still came out to hang out and meet your fans after the show, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you for that. All these years later after you started and you still have perfect melodic vocal harmony, and top notch music. Please please come back to Pittsburgh again.

  39. Loved you guys at the Roxy. Coming back with reinforcements next time; there are way more X fans out there than even I imagined.
    The Canyon Club is such a weird venue; when are you going to play there again :)?

  40. What a great show in Sacramento! Y ‘all sounded so good! Super appreciation, love, fun and respect was in the air! Oneness!

  41. A ZILLION thank-yous for that AWESOME show you just threw down in Boston! Such a great set list, great vibe, did ya feel the love??😉 Thanks to DJ for hanging out longer for autographs and fan love. You are unrivaled and still the greatest band ever!

  42. Does anyone know if the rescheduled Wonderbar show will be on slae through Ticketmaster or elsewhere on the net? The show is listed as on sale, but with no mention otherwise. The Stone Pony box office (which handles Wonder Bar) won’t take phone orders. I really want to go, but driving all the way down to Asbury Park to only buy a ticket is too long.

  43. The Metro in Chicago, The Majestic Theater in Detroit and The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland: all great places you’ve played. The Midwest loves you. Come see how we are!

  44. PLEASE come back to St Louis. Saw the X show at Pops, and then the Knitters. Love your music, been hooked since the first album.

  45. saw you before i heard your music(Merlyn’s Madison,wi.1981) best show ever.
    saw you about 12 times after that. still the best american band. met you all in Tampa, great people. your writing and lyrics, and that great buzz of billy and dj will live on forever.
    wisconsin is waiting.

  46. ATL> ATL> ATL is looking for X…Zoom on down to the heart of the South with a White Girl, will ya?? Come to Pappy!

  47. was workin at the made in america (videoscreens) ,as u know there was some decent music goin on.. but–i have always been an super duper X fan..i was pleasently surprised to see you on the stage as i didnt know you were on the bill.. made my week and my year …awesome show…

  48. Caught you last year in Boston at the Paradise can’t wait to catch you again this year. You are best live band in the world. If you’re at an X show and you aren’t dancing and singing along than you aren’t alive, call the funeral pallor to come get youi….

  49. I saw X in the quad at Cal State Fullerton free show, great pit, fun stuff 1983 I think. Long live the 77 bands, still rock n roll best time to be a young man, keggers, free love, more free love, oh man soo much free love, yes a good time to be a young man.

    • Mongoose!!!……..I was b & r’d in T-town. Great place to grow up. Left in 76′ at 18 and lived in LA for 16 yrs. Saw about 30 X shows. Do you know if X has ever been to Tulsa? Tell me your X history. If you’ve never seen to Dallas or KC or something. Well worth it!

  50. Atlanta, falls into complete chaos when you don’t stop by at least once a year…Please come back…it’s starting to get scary here, n’…I’m afraid😉
    Luv On Ya!

  51. Nashville needs you! Rescue me from this YEE-HAWWW hell! LUV you guys! i still watch rise and fall of western civ a couple of times a year, just to see you!

  52. My greatest memory: While in the Navy, back in 1988, speeding though the Outer Banks of North Carolina on a muggy summer night with my buddy Scott to party and camp out on Cape Hatteras. Cranking “UTBBS” — very loud. The cassette wrinkled up then failed somewhere around Nag’s Head. We sang the entire album from memory. Today: Please come to Spokane!!! Play the Knitting Factory, or the Bing, or the Fox, or the Opera House. My band, Free Whiskey (the Band) would gladly open for you. Long may you prosper. Your harmonies, rhythms, Zoom solos (and other unique Zoomisms), the drumming, the bassing, and the communication between you all is genius. Happy 35-36 and onward! Sincerely, Shaun M. Kelly. Phone number upon request.

  53. Texas is a fucking huge state. Dallas is 300 miles from me, Austin is 250 miles from me. And I live in Houston. Problem with the concept, if i’m not mistaken, is that folks will come from local areas. Texas has a bigger local area, but I really would love to have the band show in Houston. Seriously, booking dudes, Houston is 300 miles from Dallas. That’s roughly the distance from New York to Boston. But you wouldn’t think that it is just a simple afternoon transit from Boston to NYC, would you?
    Houston needs X

  54. I saw you during the 1980’s in Raleigh at the “Underground” One of the best concerts I have ever been to. PLEASE, PLEASE come back to Raleigh or Chapel Hill ” Cats Cradle” this fall!!!! I missed you last time around in NC. Your the best.

  55. PLEASE make sure St Louis is on the tour list. Love to see you back at Pop’s or the Pageant. And a show at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO would also rawk!

  56. Come back to Europe! We miss you! Chris & Franzi (some crazy P-Jammers, that saw you opening 7 times and loved it :))

  57. I second the Iowa request but in IOWA CITY at the Englert Theater. The students of the University of Iowa need their X-Bomb!

  58. Please tell me you’re going to playing somewhere in LA/OC during December! I love the XMAS with X shows at HOB Anaheim!

  59. Joining all who request seeing x in the midwest. X is my #1 fave band and ill drive wherever. I head up the preschool teachers 4 x movement.

    • I have recently moved back to Saint Louis where I grew up, my wife passed away recently very young (31) and the song Poor Girl always reminded me of her….I have seen X starting in Boulder Co 1982 or so, Portland, San Francisco(several Times…I think it selfish…but would love to see them play here…the Pageant would be fine.

      • Yeah!! Love that. Saw X at Pop’s in East STL, but the Pageant would really rawk! And if in the area, please also consider the Blue Note in Columbia, MO. I know Rich King (the owner) would love to have you as he is a true FAN.

  60. Saw you guys years ago, been out of the loop for awhile. Would love to see a cincinnati show.(hopefully i did not miss one.)

  61. Please come back to VA/MD/DC!! Fillmore in Silver Spring, 9:30 club, Birchmere, I don’t care! The world’s a mess and I need an ~X~ show.

  62. Pingback: John Doe …on X @ 35 | X the band

  63. Guys, don’t want to seem stupid but… did you ever play in the UK before the All Tomorrows Parties gig, and now with Pearl Jam? I’ve been listening to your records for years but can’t recall you ever playing here. See you back soon I hope!

      • I saw them twice in the UK London around ’82, ’83. Once was at a venue called The Venue in Victoria (now the Palace theatre) it was a double headliner with 10,000 Maniacs I cannot remember the other venue it might have been the Forum in Kentish Town.

  64. I hate to be late to the party, but Milwaukee would love to see you again. I think August 2006 was your last vist. We need X.

  65. X on a golf course 30 yrs later — poetry in there somewhere. rockin & jammin like time stood still. dancin in “the pit” w/out being slammed? talk to john doe??!!!! i remain energized 4wks post-show and forever thankful i got to dance and jam to my favorite band LIVE with my bros. THANK YOU X and fam for rallying!!!

    • X on a golf course… I’ve seen close to thirty X concerts….but never at a golf course. Sounds like fun. Tell me more..Iove hearing thr details of others X history.

  66. Nope, nothing better then seeing X in a smallish club or theater. Which is why I am NOT very happy with the recent Cinco de Mayo gig, as well as the upcoming July date at Hollywood Park. I understand a gig is a gig, and a paying one at that. But enough is enough I want an HOB gig or something! I think X have played a couple “local(ish)” gigs in the last several months, but the dates seem random. Great. But, I will keep saying it until it happens. MORE large club / small theater gigs, please. I know their is an audience for it. It’s about time, people😦

    • I second the request for Mass/Boston/New England dates! I missed last fall’s Boston show. I WON’T miss the next one.

      • I agree, though I did make it to last years SOLD OUT show at the Paradise… and the See How We Are Tour w/John Doe & Exene the year before… and the previous X tour… ALL at the Paradise. Time to sell out a theater again!!! Orpheum?

    • YES please come to Boston or NYC!!!!!! Please please please! I saw you guys in NJ last fall and it was amazing!!!!!!! I tell everyone about it, it was so good. Your music is so good!

  67. Please come to the Cats Cradle in Carrboro again. We have seen you several times there and would love to see you for this tour. Please oh please.

  68. Man, the show at Sweetwater last night rocked! You sounded great! Come back soon! Seems like yesterday that I saw the band for the first time at Barrington Hall in Berkeley in ’80, I think it was.

  69. First saw you in Bellingham, WA. in 1981, drummed on Billy’s shoes as a young teen. Can’t fuc*ing WAIT to see you in Portland again on the 11th of May! How I learned my lesson!

    • Thanks for May 8th Blank Club San Jose–haven’t seen you since the 80;s in LA and it was even better 35 years later!
      p.s. you are playing Stockholm on 7/7 and i happen to be getting married in Sweden that same day but a bit south of Stockholm. you will love old town there and perhaps even the Tiki Tiki room –congrats on all done over the years !

  70. Please tour some U.S. cities, there are so many people that would love to see you across our country. You have had a profound effect on me and many others. Have a great time in Europe. Love and Peace Mike

  71. First time I saw you guys was at Fast Lane in Asbury Park, NJ. When I met my wife years later and saw she had Los Angles on the original Dangerhouse label I knew it was meant to be. We named our daughter after Exene. She’s a seven year old firecracker! Come back to Baltimore or Philly or DC. We missed you last time!

  72. cHiCAgO… chhee-cahh-gohhh… shika-goo… i don’t see it the list yet y’all, but we’s ready! bring it!!!

  73. Blessing ALWAYS to ~X~ … been listening (and coming to your shows) for at least 33 of your 35 years, from Orange County to Napa County🙂 – thanX to my sister Linda, initially, when she began spinnin’ yer wax in her and Laura’s bedroom in Fountain Valley (’79-’80ish)! (Love you Linda!) Even Mom finally got to see y’all in Napa last year – and meet each of you outside the stage door afterward; Mom says “…she’s so cute; just like a little ragdoll…” about you Exene, and she LOVES your solo albums! Cheers to you Exene, John, Zoom & D.J. (thanX for ALL your sigs on my social security card!:) Have a Brilliant tour! from Sonoma County! –lancelot

  74. well i hope you all come on down to Florida and play that dump ‘the House of Blues’ again. hopefully you’ll find a less draconian venue. thanks for 35

  75. I have seen every Boston appearance, including this past December. Only getting better. Have a great time out there.

  76. Came over from Scotland to New York for 4 out of 5 shows you’ve played there on the last 2 tours.Play Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth between Manchester and Isle of Wight dates then get up to Scotland.

  77. went to buy tickets for sweetwater/mill valley show and whaaa? already sold out? and the show isn’t until may? wow. you guys could easily play 2-3 shows either there or a place like slim’s in sf, easily. guess i’ll have to catch you next time!

  78. come back, oh wont you come back, plz plz plz come back for meeeee….

    i live in lansing mi the world class capital of nothingness and nowhereville plz come to michigan again i missed last time and my friend went and wont quite rubbing it in

  79. If you feel a complusive need to play Ventura/SLO/Bako,etc…, yeah, go with that complusion. Love, love, love you guys and must see you again soon.

  80. First concert was X in the late 80’s and my last concert was X at the Coach House. Seeing X and The Knitters in my own backyard was really great (The HOB at Disney doesn’t count).
    Hope to see you guys around the circle…………..

  81. Saw you in Raleigh in the early 80’s. An absolute revelation and an incredible show. You came to Chapel Hill in June of 2009. Please Please…. come back to us!!!

  82. Omg, i’ve Loved X since the early eighties.Seen them live at least 20 times.lost track of them for many years but fortunately accidently ran into a recent best of c.d and purchased it,immediately was taken back the lyrics just came right back to memory and was lucky. To see them live again! Still the best!!!

  83. X has been one of the biggest influences on my life. When are you coming to Memphis? Birthplace of rock n’ roll needs you now more than ever!

  84. Saw X for the first time at the Crystal Palace. Wish it was sooner! Incredible show and venue! Stage presence and songs-YEAH! John, you and the band are incredible!

  85. Darn, says the Moca show is sold out….will there be any tix at the door? Or scalpers?
    I really want to get a ticket. Any ideas much appreciated


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